【Investment in China • Business Restructuring Service】
We assist foreign-funded enterprises in investing in China and offer a full range of services including the registration in investment site selection, business, market supervision, taxation, customs and other relevant Chinese government departments, as well as bank account opening, employee recruitment and other agency services. In addition to serving new investment in China, we also provide comprehensive consulting services such as enterprise change, equity conversion, merger and acquisition, separation, relocation and liquidation.
【Enterprise management consulting service】
TJCC offers enterprises with solutions related to accounting and taxation, customs clearance and trade, personnel services, production management, etc. to help enterprises achieve their management goals! TJCC's expert consultant team not only provides customers with solutions to problems, but also ensures the implementation of solutions and the realization of optimal results! On top of daily consulting services, we can also send a consultant team to provide agency management services for various business departments such as accounting and taxation, customs clearance and trade, personnel services, and production management! (For instance, assessing and responding to such government regulatory risks as customs clearance tax, planning and flexible application of preferential policies, updating and reengineering business process, improving personnel management system, etc.)
Main services
Support the entry into China • business restructuring

We will fully support China's new development. The selection of candidate sites, various establishment procedures of the local government departments such as the Commerce Bureau, the Tax Bureau and the Customs, bank account opening, social insurance procedures, etc., provide one-stop support. In addition, it supports the merger and abolishment of local stock right transfer, merger, migration, withdrawal and other strongholds.

Operation support for local enterprises in China

To provide support for solving problems in the operation of Chinese enterprises, such as accounting and taxation, customs clearance management, personnel and labor services, and production management, and to achieve goals. The consulting team with rich local experience in China not only provides solutions, but also provides implementation and results assurance. (For example: customs declaration, tax and other government departments should deal with supervision risks, reduce costs by using preferential policies, optimize business management, improve personnel management system, and avoid employment risks.)

Enterprise training services

To provide Japanese managers in local enterprises in China with necessary research on Chinese business knowledge. From on-the-job training for the first time to the local tax, labor, customs clearance and other professional knowledge in China, various kinds of training are carried out according to the needs of enterprises. (Please consult the main research topics. You can also customize the research according to the purpose of the enterprise. Please consult at any time.)

Hainan Island Access ・ Flexible Support

The Chinese government takes Hainan Island as the "most open window for China in the new era" to fully promote construction. It said that the preliminary construction will be completed by 2025 and a mature free trade port will be built by 2035. TJCC has also established a stronghold in Hainan Island, which is now the most concerned island, and prepared a support system for Japanese enterprises. Please discuss the inspection, advance consultation, etc.

company limited company
establishment April 1999
Address 28/F, Shinagawa Intercity Tower A 2-15-1, Konan, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan (Konan Exit of JR Shinagawa Station)
Registered capital 10 million yen
Number of employees 70 (※ including TJCC Consulting Group's Chinese stronghold)
Business content Japan China business consulting. Provide consulting and support services such as personnel services, accounting and taxation, customs declaration and logistics, production management, enterprise establishment, change, joint venture, acquisition, relocation and liquidation for Japanese enterprises conducting business in China.